Will Chamberlin
It's All Possible

This is me

I am a techno-geek father of twins who loves San Francisco, mountain biking, and motorcycles.

This is what I do

I do big picture problem solving; like workflow, technology roadmapping, business processes analysis and social strategy, as well code the hell out of some C# and integrate third-party APIs. I'm at home with all-night strategy sessions, motorcycles and home improvement projects.

I've been doing this long enough to know just having mad skills doesn't cut it. Transparency is key.

I turn business problems into opportunities, then build them into works of art.

In my down time I am constantly investigating new technologies and evaluating platforms. This is an ongoing experiment, currently in a hacked up re-incarnation of Ethan Marcotte's Responsive Web Design example.


  1. IMA Best in Class

    2013 - Suzuki Cycles Mobile

  2. Communicator

    2013 - Suzuki Cycles Mobile

  3. Communicator

    2011 - SuzukiCycles.com

  4. IAC Outstanding Achievement

    2010 - Own The Racetrack

  5. Best Transportation Website

    2009 - SuzukiCycles.com

  6. Best Consumer Website

    2009 - SuzukiCycles.com

  7. Best Product Demo Website

    2009 - AutoDesk AutoCAD

  8. Most Outstanding Website

    2009 - Expedia's Indiana Jones